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Dawn K. Williams performs the traditional Auvergne folksong Baïlèro unaccompanied twice on this album, as well as several of her own compositions: Surge, Pascha Nostrum, Baïlèro, Tesserae, and Impulse. Williams sings in Occitan/Auvergnat, Latin, and phonemes. She performs her own solo vocal works, and leads audiences in performances of Surge and  Impulse. Duration: 36 minutes.


Compact Disc Recording


Digital Album

Dawn K. Williams performs six of her own vocal works on this album: Senet, Kiji no, Aset, Pyat' Pesen, Kamu Balni, and Poèmes d'Amour.  She sings in French, Russian, Japanese, Fulani (Peul), and ancient Egyptian.  Williams is assisted by Robert Peck on piano, cello, and talking drum. Duration: 52 minutes.


DVD Video

Dawn K. Williams performs three of her own vocal works live in concert on this video: Senet, Kiji no, and Pyat' Pesen.  She sings in ancient Egyptian, Japanese, and Russian. Robert Peck assists on piano and cello.  Originally captured on film and with film-style effects, this video is of visual as well as musical interest.  Duration: 34 minutes.

Chapter Titles:

1. Opening Titles
2. Senet: I
3. Senet: II
4. Senet: III
5. Kiji no
6. Pyat' Pesen: Vykhozhu
7. Pyat' Pesen: Kogda
8. Pyat' Pesen: Sosed
9. Pyat' Pesen: Ona
10. Pyat' Pesen: Morskaya Tsarevna
11. Closing Titles


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